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Kerrie Chique
Key Worker Development Specialist

Kerrie Chique began working with Shaping Outcomes in 1998. Her passion for teaching children with additional needs started in 1991 at St Joseph’s Community Preschool, which was the first local program to include children with disabilities from Shaping Outcomes.  In one of her roles at Shaping Outcomes, Kerrie has worked closely with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, Elders and the Bugalwena Health Team.

“What I love about working at Shaping Outcomes is the wonderful and amazing children and their families. I am so grateful and proud to be a part of their everyday lives, challenges and good times.  Working with such a talented Shaping Outcomes staff, local Early Childhood educators and quality Early Childhood settings in the Tweed Shire community is fulfilling, enlightening and satisfying. I feel honoured to come to work every day.”

Elaine Clinnick
Key Worker Development Specialist

Elaine Clinnick has been involved with Shaping Outcomes since 2010 when her family accessed the service for her daughter. She began working at Shaping Outcomes in 2012 as an Early Childhood Intervention Teacher/Key Worker Specialist, and continues to work part-time in early childhood education and care.

“Shaping Outcomes is such a great place to work, we have a fantastic team of staff who are very supportive of each other. It is wonderful to be a part of Shaping Outcomes”.

Anne Nethery
Key Worker Development Specialist

Anne has had many years experience supporting students with disabilities in primary schools in her role as Additional Needs Teacher. In this role she helped students with disabilities in their smooth transition to school and throughout their primary years, ensuring that they received the support needed to successfully achieve their full potential. Anne is a strong advocate for inclusive education and is excited about continuing her passion in supporting children with disabilities in her new role as Key worker Development Specialist at Shaping Outcomes.

“I’m thrilled to be part of the very dedicated and experienced Shaping Outcomes Team and am so privileged to be able to assist local children and their families to feel that they are all valued members of our community. So they can live by this Verna Myers quote – Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance”

Michelle O’Neill 
Key Worker Development Specialist

Michelle O’Neill is a Key Worker Specialist and has been with Shaping Outcomes since 2015. Michelle has worked locally in the Early Childhood sector as a teacher for over 20 years, during that time she worked in collaboration with staff from Shaping Outcomes to support children in her care, before deciding to follow her strong interest in the area of working with children with delays and disabilities.

“I feel privileged to work at Shaping Outcomes with other dedicated professionals, who are so supportive not only of the children and families they work with, but also one another. I very much enjoy being a part of our community and getting out into the homes, centres, and schools where I am able to work alongside others to provide positive outcomes for children.”

Carley Veal 
Key Worker Development Specialist

Carley Veal is a qualified primary school teacher with over 12 years’ experience across a variety of local educational support settings. Before becoming a teacher and joining our team Carley previously worked in early childhood settings, she was a teacher’s aide for many years and has worked for Ronald McDonald House as a tutor for children who have missed significant amounts of school due to illness.

Carley first came to Shaping Outcomes as a parent and is passionate about the transdisciplinary approach that Shaping outcomes offers as she has seen first-hand the success early intervention has for families like her own. Carley has plans to further her study this year with a graduate certificate in Autism Studies.

“Working for Shaping outcomes has given me an opportunity to give back the support that was originally given to me. I’m so happy to be able to help our community and build relationships that will foster growth for these families moving forward. I am really proud to be part of such an amazing team of professionals in such a supportive environment.”

James Warren
Key Worker Development Specialist

James Warren is one of our newest Shaping Outcomes staff members, James has been a primary teacher in both NSW and Qld and has worked across an array of education settings. During his time as a teacher he has had experience working with children with many differing disabilities. By working with Shaping Outcomes, he’s looking forward to work alongside families and the young person to support them in their goals and aspirations and to ensure they have the skills to lead an independent life.

“I am really excited to be part of a dedicated team like Shaping Outcomes, helping families through what can be a very stressful time in their lives. For this, I am enthusiastic to get out into the community to help families move forward and to provide a high standard of service.”

Lillie Coleman
Individual Skills Support

Lillie comes from a long line of disability advocates, so it seemed only natural for her to follow that path. She is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and aims to be a Paediatric Psychologist. From volunteering as a Youth Mentor to the Disabled Surfing Association (DSA) she has a passion for supporting people and children with all abilities.

“I contacted Shaping Outcomes looking for volunteer work, but within a few weeks I was working in Individual Skills Support, I love being part of such a supportive team”.

Rhiannon Francis
Individual Skills Support

Rhi has worked in a support capacity to Shaping Outcomes families independently for some time, from there is was a natural progression to be employed to offer Individual Skills Development to others. In addition to this she assists in our Play Connections Groups in Tweed.

“Being part of the team at Shaping Outcomes is so rewarding, knowing I am there to help make a difference in the children’s lives”.

Kate Hamilton 
Individual Skills Support

Kate Hamilton has worked in Early Childhood Education and Care for more than 15 years and is passionate about enhancing the lives of children with differing abilities. After implementing inclusive practices including Key Word Sign, taught to her by Shaping Outcomes staff, whilst working in a local childcare centre, Kate decided to return to study and shifted her focus to  work solely in the disability sector. Kate holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and is currently studying Occupational Therapy. Kate works to support children in various group settings at Shaping Outcomes and is particularly passionate about supporting social communication in pre-school and school groups.

“The team at Shaping Outcomes is inspiring. To be surrounded by staff who are advocating for, supporting and celebrating children and families achievements and abilities makes me proud to be part of the Shaping Outcomes team.”

Krystle Joyce
Individual Skills Support

Krystel Joyce has worked in many roles and even studied to be a paramedic, but found her calling in Early Childhood Intervention. She has a background in working with kids & adults with various disabilities, and as a parent of a child with processing issues she also has lived experience. Krystel is passionate about providing the best care & development for children & their families.

“I am very excited about working with the Shaping Outcomes team, to help kids thrive & be included in their local communities is a great privilege”.

Jahla Whelan 
Individual Skills Support

Jahla Whelan comes from a background in disability support work and her skills continue to grow daily as she is exposed to new challenges and opportunities to learn. Jahla is in her second year of a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, and applies her passions and growing knowledge to Individual Skills Development support with her clients.

“The team at Shaping Outcomes offers genuine client-centred care for all children and their families, I feel so honoured to be a part of it. Playing an active and supportive role in fulfilling our client and their family’s goals is so important, and Shaping Outcomes ensures that this is priority.”


Sharon Gay
Key Worker Development Specialist

Sharon has a degree in Early Childhood Teaching and a Masters in Special Education (Early Intervention) and 15 years’ experience working in Early Childhood Intervention. Prior to joining Shaping Outcomes in 2014, Sharon worked in a large Early Intervention not-for-profit organisation in Sydney, in mainstream community based preschools, and in Early Intervention services that supported families and children at risk.
Sharon works as a key worker specialist with individual children and their families, and teaches in our Transition to School program. She is also a MyTime facilitator, and currently manages supports for new families to Shaping Outcomes. Sharon was part of the team that developed the Inclusion Success Resource.

“I love working with children and their families, and the community. I feel so privileged to be invited into families’ homes to work together at this important time. Shaping Outcomes has a strong philosophy of applying a strengths-based, family-centred approach to working with families, which I feel passionate about. I am very proud to represent Shaping Outcomes in the local community and I always look forward to talking about the incredible things we have been achieving for children and their families.”

Melinda Turnbull
Key Worker Development Specialist

Melinda Turnbull has recently joined the team at Shaping Outcomes as part of our expansion into Lismore/Ballina. Melinda has worked for 25 years in a variety of Early Childhood settings including as Teacher/Director in small rural preschools, Early Intervention Transition to School program and an Aboriginal Children’s Daycare Centre. Through her teaching roles she has closely collaborated with Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Keyworkers and has developed a passion for working with children with developmental delays and disABILITIES.

“I am delighted to join the dedicated team at Shaping Outcomes and look forward to supporting and empowering young children and their families in Northern NSW.”


Anita McLennan 
Key Worker Development Specialist

Anita has been an Early Childhood educator for over 20 years, teaching in preschool, long daycare and most recently working in service management as a centre director. While she enjoyed the director role she felt the tug back to working one on one with children and families. Anita knew she wanted to make a difference and get better outcomes for children with disabilities and their families in her community.

I feel privileged to come on board with Shaping Outcomes, where I feel my professional vision and the organisations mission are truly aligned. Advocating and nurturing children and their families to thrive, connect and belong in our community.”

Abbi Paget 
Key Worker Development Specialist

Abbi comes to Shaping Outcomes with 10 years experience in the Early Education settings, from working as an educator in pre-schools to running Family Day Care in her own home. Most recently she worked within the NDIS system and brings a wealth of knowledge in this area to our families. Abbi works within our Grafton region.

“Forming relationships with different educators helping them put in place practical strategies to support children in their classroom environment is a role I’ve always wanted. I really enjoy working with a team of people who are dedicated to supporting children and families”.

Amanda Eggins
Individual Skills Support

Amanda’s passion is advocating for families and supporting children/families to reach their goals. After receiving a diagnosis for her child in 2009 she has now walked the journey of parent carer. As the parent of a child with a diagnosis she personally knows the importance of the ‘Team around the Child’ and the role the team plays in making it possible to meet goals. She is also an experienced home-schooler who has a strong connection with education, being a lifetime studier herself.

“I love supporting families within our community, building on strengths to reach their goals and supporting them where they need. I feel very privileged to work for Shaping Outcomes with such an experienced team”.


Col Usher
Chief Executive Officer

Shaping Outcomes has been a pillar of support and advocacy for families and children with developmental delays and disabilities in the Tweed for over 38 years.  When the opportunity presented itself to assist the organisation in 2014 in Governance support it was a no brainer.  Since then I have walked closely with the team watching them transition through one of the hardest reforms undertaken to any industry in Australia.  The level of commitment, flexibility, understanding and passion from this team was relentless.  I feel it is my privilege and responsibility to contribute and support them as much as possible to see continued impact on families, children, Early Childhood education and the broader community.

“I believe that a community that truly understands and supports diversity, inclusion and culture is a strong community. WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER”

Aaron Thompson 
Chief Financial Officer

Aaron came to Shaping Outcomes after 18 years in accounting, taxation, finance and business services; including 13 years in public practice. As a parent of two children who have accessed the service, a past period on the Board of Directors as the treasurer and as an adult living with ASD, he is well placed and passionate about the service. Aaron is working in the management team ensuring the continued financial health and sustainability of Shaping Outcomes.

“Our family has trusted this service for many years and seen great gains in our children. It seemed like a natural progression to work here and ensure it is sustainable for years to come.”

Ruth Usher
Chief Operations Officer

Since the year 2000, Ruth worked with a children’s organisation supporting the emotional wellbeing of children within the education system. After receiving a diagnosis for her daughter in 2013 it became evident that a future advocating for children with disabilities would entail. In 2017 she joined the Shaping Outcomes team to combine a love of writing, advocacy and support of families writing NDIS plans. After a short stint leading the Northcott team at Tweed Heads, Ruth brings an enthusiasm and exhaustive knowledge for NDIS to Shaping Outcomes which will support our families and staff.

“Shaping Outcomes has supported us through some of our most testing times as a family, it is so great to be on the other side giving back to a supportive workplace and community.”

Stefanie Pawluk
Executive Assistant

Stefanie Pawluk has been with Shaping Outcomes  since June 2016 .  Stef is our Executive Administrator and provides support to the CEO, CFO and COO.  Stef also provides support to our Key Workers, Individual Skills team, Families and participants.  She is of great value to our team.

“The people I work with are a brilliant dedicated team and I am so honoured to be part of it. I don’t think I have ever come across a workplace where everyone is so gentle, patient and understanding of the roles they play toward the early intervention for children with additional needs.”